Why Should I Keep a Maintenance Log for My Vehicle?

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We all know that routine auto maintenance is essential, but it’s not always possible to remember all the details from your vehicle’s history. For example, when did you last change your car battery, spark plugs, serpentine belt, or brake pads?

Keeping a maintenance log means you have a helpful tool for keeping track of routine auto maintenance to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. You can extend your vehicle’s lifespan by keeping up with maintenance and needed repairs. 

At LubeMaster, we offer preventative maintenance services for your vehicle, including brake service in Philadelphia, PA, to check your brake fluid, inspect your brake rotors, and ensure they operate safely. Read on to learn why we recommend keeping a maintenance log for your vehicle.

What Is a Vehicle Maintenance Log?

A vehicle maintenance log helps you track what’s been done to your vehicle and schedule future regular maintenance. In addition, keeping a maintenance log lets you see patterns in your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs. 

Reasons to Keep a Vehicle Maintenance Log

While keeping a maintenance log may seem like a task, it can help keep your car running smoothly. Managing your vehicle’s services, such as oil changes, tire rotation, and other tasks, can help you remember when to schedule maintenance. Here are reasons why we recommend keeping a maintenance log for your vehicle:

Keep a Consistent Maintenance Schedule

The primary purpose of keeping a maintenance log is to help you keep up with scheduling routine auto maintenance. While there’s flexibility with specific maintenance actions, it can be easy to forget them altogether. 

For example, without a record of the last time you changed your transmission fluid, you may push the limits and risk damaging your transmission. With the numerous pieces of equipment you have in your vehicle, it may prove impossible to keep track of the history of each type of equipment. However, a car maintenance log helps make it easier. 

Track Specific Parts

Many routine auto maintenance appointments require changing some type of equipment in your car. These may include engine air filters, wiper blades, and other parts. However, creating an equipment maintenance log template and filling it in with information from your vehicle’s work orders will help you keep track of the lifespan of your car’s parts. 

Also, keeping a maintenance log ensures you use the correct parts for your specific make and model vehicle. For example, the recommended tire pressure settings may differ between various makes and models. 

You Decide to Sell Your Vehicle

If you’ve ever been interested in buying a used car, you know there are numerous things to consider before buying. Ideally, the dealer or individual seller will have a record of what services have been performed on the vehicle in the past. 

When you decide to sell your vehicle, potential buyers will appreciate your detailed vehicle history. Most importantly, it allows you to boost your negotiating price, as you have solid proof that your vehicle has been properly managed. 

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