How to Know If Your Car Is Leaking Oil

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Engine oil is one of the essential components of your automobile. It lubricates your engine’s moving parts, preventing damage from heat and friction. Without the use of engine oil, your car would suffer significant harm. 

When your car is leaking oil, it’s an issue that you should address immediately. At LubeMaster, we want to help you be aware of the signs your vehicle is leaking oil so you can stop the issues before they worsen. In addition, we provide motor oil services in Philadelphia, PA, so you can count on our service technicians to keep your vehicle in top condition. 

Signs Your Car Is Leaking Oil

There are many reasons why your car is leaking oil, from a loose oil filter to a bad gasket or seal. Wear and tear can affect your vehicle in various ways. Here are some of the most common signs that tell you your car is leaking oil.

Dashboard Oil Light Is On

Your car’s dashboard has a collection of lights that turn on when it has an issue. One of these warning signals is your car’s oil light, which turns on when there isn’t enough oil pressure in your engine. 

Several issues, including an oil pump failure, may cause the oil light to turn on. However, there also may need to be more oil in the engine system to maintain the proper pressure. 

When your dashboard oil light is on, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, pull over when it’s safe and turn off the engine. Then, you can top off the oil in your engine, giving you enough time to get the car to your destination. 

But it’s essential to take your car to a service garage to investigate the reason for the oil light signal. Driving for an extended period with the oil light on can cause damage to your engine.

Dark Puddles Under Your Car

When you think of an oil leak, dark puddles under your car may first come to mind. So when you pull out of your driveway or parking space, check to see if there are dark brown or yellow puddles where your car was sitting.

Although some oil leaks originate from the oil pans, others may result from a drain plug with a poorly set gasket. In addition, road debris may have struck the oil pan, while other sources of these leaks include front and rear main seals, valve cover gaskets, or other places throughout the engine.

Smoke From the Engine

If your car leaks oil in large amounts, you’ll see smoke coming from the engine and under the hood. This smoke likely occurs because oil is dripping onto the exhaust manifold. It’s a situation that can cause damage to your car’s oxygen sensors or cause engine gaskets to stop working.

Overheating Engine

Engine oil plays a critical role in regulating the engine’s temperature. It lubricates the pistons, ensuring they operate smoothly within their housing. Without proper lubrication, the pistons grind against other engine parts. This situation produces a significant amount of heat and can cause your engine to stall. 

The Smell of Burning Oil

When your car leaks oil, it may drip onto other engine parts. The oil-stained components warm and release a strong burning smell as the engine heats up. Pull over and check your oil levels if you smell something burning when your engine reaches operating temperature. 

Oil Visibly Leaking from Timing Cover Area

You might see oil leaks leaking from the edges of your timing cover. You might also notice oil accumulating on the ground under your engine. A faulty timing cover gasket typically causes these types of leaks. Cracks can also cause timing cover leaks.

LubeMaster’s Service Technicians Will Fix Your Oil Leak

If you have a car leaking oil, don’t put off getting it fixed. Ignoring such an issue can cause significant damage to your engine, resulting in expensive repairs and more time off the road. 

You can rely on LubeMaster’s expert service technicians to fix an oil leak, install new brakes, or perform a vehicle inspection in Philadelphia, PA. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

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