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Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics in Philadelphia, PA

Is your car due for an emissions inspection? Vehicles registered in Pennsylvania must be inspected and undergo emissions testing to ensure the car meets state and local requirements. If it’s time for your annual car inspection, reach out to the team at LubeMaster!

In addition to our range of maintenance and repair services, we also perform vehicle inspections and diagnostics in Philadelphia, PA. We can take care of your expired inspection sticker and ensure your car meets state vehicle inspection regulations. At the same time, we’ll perform car, truck, or SUV emissions testing to ensure your mode of transportation is ready to take you wherever life leads.

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Which Parts of a Vehicle Are Checked During PA State Inspection?

Our auto shop is qualified to perform PA state inspections, so you can bring your car to us when you need to ensure your vehicle is safe and legal. During the annual car inspection, we will examine the following parts of your car:

When you trust our team of technicians for vehicle inspections and diagnostics in Philadelphia, PA, rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality service.

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When to Get PA State Inspection Done on Your Vehicle

If you live in Pennsylvania, you will need to have your vehicle inspected every year. You will know it’s time for another PA state inspection by examining the sticker on the lower driver’s side corner of the windshield. Your vehicle must pass the assessment on the last day of the month that the car is due for inspection. If your car is due for emissions inspection in PA, make a plan to come into our auto shop as soon as possible.

A Lube Master employee inspecting a vehicle’s engine.

Whether you need a car, truck, or SUV emissions testing in Pennsylvania, our auto technicians can perform these essential vehicle inspections and diagnostics in our Philadelphia, PA, garage.

Cars built in 1996 or earlier have been equipped with computer systems that control engine performance. If this computer is functioning correctly, the vehicle’s emissions will meet federal standards. However, if any part of it is malfunctioning, the car will not meet the emissions inspection requirements.

During our on-site emissions testing, our technicians will visually inspect all emissions components before plugging the vehicle into a computerized emissions tester for On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) tests. If the tester detects an issue, it will identify the areas where repairs are needed. If no errors are found, the vehicle meets the car, SUV, or truck emissions standards.

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On-Site Emissions Testing

Do you have an expired inspection sticker on your vehicle? Come to LubeMaster for vehicle inspections and diagnostics in Philadelphia, PA! We are an approved PA state vehicle inspections and emissions examination facility. We’ll make sure your vehicle meets the car, SUV, and truck emissions standards in Philly and the surrounding areas.

In addition to emissions and inspections services, we also provide full-service oil changes and brake services, so we can be your one-stop-shop for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Contact us today for more information about our services.