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LubeMaster customers deserve the very best. Backed by the LubeMaster Pledge, our technicians are ready to service your vehicle with the same attention, care and quality they would give to their own vehicles. Our preventive maintenance services – ranging from oil changes to filter and belt replacements – are designed to help keep you and your vehicle on the road, and out of the repair shop!


Auto Mechanic Shops in Philadelphia, PA

As the top auto mechanic shops in Philadelphia, PA, we strive not just to offer quick lube service but to be your go-to for vehicle maintenance and repair services — from oil changes and safety checks to general repairs. That’s why we provide an all-inclusive list of auto services for Philly residents and treat each customer like family.

Our certified mechanics specialize in the maintenance and repairs of most makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you need an oil change, brake repair, or SUV vehicle check, you can trust LubeMaster for the best auto service in the area.

General Car Repair Shops

We understand how frustrating it can be to take your car into a general car repair shop when it starts acting up. It’s far too common for people to receive the response from their mechanic that they should bring in their vehicle, and the mechanic will get to it when they can. As the best auto mechanic shops in Philadelphia, PA, we strive to get your car back to its original form and on the open roads as soon as possible — whether you need brake services or windshield wiper replacements.

When you come to us with a problem with your vehicle, we will use computerized diagnostics to find out what’s wrong with your car so we can restore its safety and get it operating as it should. Our auto repair services range from A/C repairs to brake replacements.

Vehicle Maintenance Services

Your vehicle could be driving great one day and then not the next. There are many reasons why a car, truck, or SUV will start having issues, but one of the most common is that the vehicle owner skipped one too many vehicle maintenance services.

Preventive car maintenance services are crucial for keeping your vehicle in excellent working condition. It ensures all fluids are at the proper levels, the air and oil filters are clean, and the windshield wipers are not worn or bent.

When it comes to routine car and truck maintenance services, you only want to trust the best auto mechanic shops in Philadelphia, PA. That’s why you should bring your vehicle into our garage for tune-ups and full-service oil changes. Our trained and skilled technicians use the most current technology and equipment to keep your car running smoothly.

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Brake Services

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State Emissions and Inspections

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Local Car Inspections in Philly You Can Trust

In the state of Pennsylvania, vehicle owners are required to undergo vehicle safety checks to prevent car or truck failure that may lead to injury or death. People in the Philadelphia area can rely on our team of technicians for local car inspections. During our emissions and inspections services, we will test the vehicle to ensure it meets state and local vehicle safety and emissions standards. If there are any causes for concern, we will repair the issue.

Schedule Services with the Top Auto Mechanic Shops in Philadelphia, PA

Do you need preventive car maintenance services, truck maintenance services, an SUV vehicle check, or an alignment check in Philly? You’ve come to the right place! Our certified mechanics will ALWAYS give you quality service and the best customer service, keeping your car on the road and you out of the car repair shop. Contact us for maintenance and repairs at one of the best auto mechanic shops in Philadelphia, PA, today!

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